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Weight Control Kit


Collection of powerful aids, to prevent quitter of putting in weight, and maintain a healthy diet after quitting.

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Product Description

  • Stabilizing blood sugar
  • Reducing desire to food and sweet
  • Accelerate burning process
  • Energizing metabolism
  • When to use:
    • You can start any time,
    • But we recommend to started 2 weeks before quitting,
  • How to use
    • Please follow the instruction, send to your E-mail, after ordering the kit, there will be instruction and videos in how to use each of this aid.

Full losing weight plan, Include all the necessary products and program is

  • Include in this kit:
    1. Bio Zinc tablet
    2. Root 3 – Unit 1
    3. Weight control program with a healthy diet.
    4. Healthy diet device
    5. Losing weight tea
  • Price: 42 $ Including VAT and transport
  • Root 3
  • Weight control program with a healthy diet
  • Healthy diet device
  • Losing weight tea


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