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Under Quitting kit “ The first 2 week “


Effective Aids to have a solid start up; the kit is enough for the first 10 days under and after quitting, with all the essential aids.

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Product Description

  • Reducing the unpleasant symptom.
  • Removing the urge for nicotine
  • Gradual nicotine redaction.
  • Cleaning the body quickly from nicotine
  • Keeping the quitter in control in the first 2 weeks after quitting.
  • When to use:
    1. Start to use it 3 days before quitting
    2. Or direct after quitting.
  • How to use it
    1.  Please follow the time plan and instruction, send to your E-mail after ordering the kit
  • Included in this kit:
    1. Kimo Nasal Herbs – 10 Units
    2. Anti Nicotine Spray – 1 Unit
    3. Anti craving Herbs – 1 Unit
    4. Fresh Pen – 1 Unit
    5. Anti Relapse Cigarette – 1 unit
    6. Root 1,2,3 – 1 set
    7. Full Start up program for the first 2 weeks.
  • Price: 85 $ for a kit including VAT and transport.
  • Full Start up program for the first 2 weeks


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