Anti Craving Aid

Root 1,2,3


Extra handy supplements, each rot has different effect in stabilizing blood sugar, balancing PH level, and used as mouth and finger stimuli after q

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Product Description

  • Each rot has different functions, but all are quite handy and helpful as fingers and mouth reflex, they are good to be use while driving, writing, reading and so on, or in any social environment
    • Root 1 Good for balancing PH level, removing the unpleasant odor of the moth and cleaning the yellow color of the tooth.
    • Root 2 Replace the nicotine test, and work as oral stimulants.
    • Root 3 stabilizing the blood sugar and improving concentration.
  • Rot 1.
    1. Start us it few days before quitting or whenever you feel for it. Because its cleaning effect, many use it after meal.
    2. Why to use: Chou the end of it until it the rot fiber show, so use it like toothbrush.
  • Rot 2, 3
    1. To be use after quitting.
    2. Chou the end of the rot until it get soft, and slowly suck its substance
    3. Please follow the instruction send to your E-mail after ordering the products.
  • For stronger effect: We advise to use it in combination with “ Anti Craving Herbs – – Fresh Pen – Anti Craving Cigarette“ this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.
  • Package
    1. Each package has 3 rot,
    2. You can chose to have the same 3 roots in one package, or one of each rots in one package.
  • Price: One package include 3 roots cost 5 $ Including VAT and transport


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