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Maintain Nicotine Free kit


The kit is very essential to those how want to feel 100% secure, it helps to prevent relapse under any crises in near future, and to maintain nicot

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Product Description

  • Securing the quitter to maintenance nicotine free
  • Help to prevent any relapse
  • Keep the quitter in control and give them better understanding about how to overcome temptation in future.
  • To be use after quitting according to the time plan or one ever you feel for it.
  • Please follow carefully the instruction that comes with the kit
  • Include in the kits the following items
    • Kimo Nasal herbs  -10 unit
    • Anti Relapse Cigarette – 1 unit
    • Fresh Pen – 1 unit
    • Material and video instruction about how to deal with any temptation in future, and maintain nicotine free.
  • Price: Kits price 38 $ include VAT and transport “Order now  – Add to wish list”
  • program about relapse prevention, and how to maintain nicotine free


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