Anti Craving Aid

Fresh Pen


Very effective to improve concentration, reliving chase tidiness and smoothing down the desire to nicotine.

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Product Description

  • Improving concentration and focus.
  • Removing craving for nicotine
  • Reducing coughing cleaning the air passage and.
  • When to use
    1. To be use after quitting while driving, writing, relaxing, and so on…
    2. Or when one attending a meeting or any activates, that’s needs a higher level of attention, especially in the first few weeks after quitting.
    3. Most quitter due to its pleasant effect, keep using it even long after quitting.
  • How to use it
    1. Open the cover and close the pen near by the nose, so inhales 3 times from each nose.
    2. After use please close it formerly to be used again.
    3. Please follow the instruction send to your E-mail after ordering the products.
  • For stronger effect: We advice to use it in combination with “ Anti Craving Herbs – Anti Craving Cigarette“ this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.
  • Package
    1. Each package included 2 units, enough for 8 to 10 weeks.
    2. One package is enough for the entire quitting period.
  • Price: Package include 2 units, cost 11 $ Including VAT and transport.
  • This aid included as well in the following kits: Anti Craving Kit – Nicotine Clean Full Program – Under Quitting Kit


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