Anti Craving Aid

Dr. Kimo´s Nasal Herbs


One of the main aid to break free from nicotine dependency, helps to reduce craving for nicotine, smoothing abstinent

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Product Description

  • Reducing desire to nicotine.
  • Removing nicotine quickly from the body.
  • Smoothing abstinent symptom
  • Making Nicotine test and smell quite unpleasant.
  1. When to use
    1. Start to use it few days before quitting
    2. And to keep use it long after quitting, very effective against craving symptoms and stressful situations after quitting.
  2. How to use:
    1. Used max one of Dr. Kimo´s Nasal Herb every day, or according to
      the recommendation
    2. Take 2 nasal props, add one filter in each prop,
    3. With pipit suck the fluid from just one ampulla, and divide the content equally between the 2 props,
    4. Plug the props to the nose, so inhale slowly for 35 until 45 minutes. “Please keep the props to be used again”
    5. Please follow the instruction and time plan send to your E-mail after placing your order.
  3. For stronger effect: 
    1. We advise to use it in combination with “Anti Nicotine Spray“ – “ Anti Relapse Cigarette
    2. This combination will amplify the unpleasant effect and remove any sudden craving for nicotine instantly.
  • Package
    1. Each package Included
      • 5 treatment of Dr. Kimo´s Nasal Herbs
      • 3 Nasal props
      • 10 filter
      • 5 pipets
    2. We advise to use between 2 till max 5 packages during all the quitting process.
  • Price: Package price is 28 $ including VAT and transport
  • This aid included as well in the following kits: Nicotine Clean Full Program – Anti Craving Kit –under Quitting Kit – After quitting kit – Maintain Nicotine Free


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