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De Toxic Tea


collection of high quality herbs, helpful against stress, sleeping problem and to clean the body quickly from toxic stuff.

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Product Description

  • Improving sleeping condition.
  • Relaxing and reducing stress.
  • Cleaning the body from nicotine and toxic stuff.
  • When to use:
    1. Start to use it direct after quitting.
    2. And before sleeping, for those who have sleeping problem.
    3. Or whenever one feel stressed out after quitting.
  • How to use:
    1. Add the herbs to tea filter, then add water and wait for 2 minutes after water boil.
    2. Then pour the to the cup, you can add honey if you feel to do so..
    3. You can add more boiled water to the same herbs if you feel to do so…
    4. Please follow the instruction, send to your E-mail after ordering the products.
  • For stronger effect: We advice to use it in combination with “Anti Craving Herbs – “Theta Frequents” Anti Stress CD“ this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.
  • Package
    1. Package is enough to make minimum15 cups.
  • Price: One package cost 11 $ Including VAT and transport


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