Anti Craving Aid

Craving Stabilizer


Extra supplement, but quite helpful under craving situation, or when you are in present of other smoker, special in the first 3

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Product Description

  • Very handy under the present of other smoker.
  • Blocking nicotine receptor, and radiuses craving for nicotine.
  • Smoothing down the abstinence symptoms under craving.
  • When to use it
    1. To be used in the first few weeks after quitting,
    2. When one alone and feels restlessness or poured.
    3. Or in the present of other smokers.
  • How to use it
    1. Please follow the instruction, send to your E-mail after ordering the products.
  • For stronger effect: We advise to use it in combination with “Anti Craving Herbs – Anti Nicotine Spray – Anti Relapse Cigarette“ this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.
  • Package
    1. Each package has 34 treatment
    2. One package is enough for the entire quitting period.
  • Price: Package price 6 $ Including VAT and transport


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