Anti Craving Aid

Anti Craving Herbs


very useful against intense craving for nicotine or under any stressful situation, especially the first few weeks after quitting.

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Product Description

  • Blocking the sudden urge for nicotine after quitting.
  • Preventing relapse under intense craving.
  • It has long-term effect over 24 hours.
  • Replacing the positive expectation of nicotine under craving, with quite unpleasant and negative reaction.
  • When To be use
    1. After quitting, and whenever you feel intense acute craving for nicotine
    2. Before attending any social and stressful activity, like a party, stressful meeting or any activity with other smoker.
  • How to use
    1. Take 2 ampules, insert the nasal props to it,
    2. Plugged the props to the nose with the ampule in it, and inhale between 10 to 15 minutes.
    3. After us please, closed the ampule formally, so you can us it again when you feel for it.
    4. Please follow the instruction send to your E-mail after placing your order
  • For stronger effect: We advice to use it in combination with “ Anti Nicotine Spray “ and “ – Anti Craving Cigarette“, this combination will give you the best effect and remove any sudden craving instantly
  • Package
    1. Package included 2 Units of “Anti Craving Herbs”, enough for few weeks, and can be used between 8 and 12 treatments.
    2. Most quitter uses proximately between one till to package, during the entire quitting period.
  • Price: Package price 23 $ Including VAT and transport.

This aid included as well in the following kits: Anti Craving Kit – Nicotine Clean Full Program – Under Quitting Kit


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